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SLSF Scholarships

Scholarships are a long-term investment in the education of young people. A scholarship is money that can be used by the student to meet the expenses of furthering their education.

In the last half of the school year, all graduating high school students are encouraged to submit an application for scholarships. A few weeks prior to the completion of the school year, a committee of the high school counselors and several other administrative personnel along with a representative of the SLSF meet to match the scholarships available with the students that have applied for scholarships. While making those matches, many factors need to be considered: intention of the donor comes first, followed by GPA and extracurricular activities of the student. The awards are then announced at the ‘Senior Recognition Night’ and the students are given ‘award letters’ that show the amount of the scholarship and the name of the individual or group who provided the scholarship. The letter also tells the student that to collect their money, they need to send proof of enrollment in at least 12 academic units of full-time academic equivalent at the college, trade school, or institution of higher learning that they will be attending (these requirements vary by the individual scholarship). Most scholarships are based on a criteria that is important to the donor such as a specific major, grade point average, or financial need. The Scholarship Foundation functions as a go-between by recruiting and selecting worthy students who meet the donor’s criteria.